What Our Puppy Owner's

Are Saying

We are so grateful!
We were so lucky to have found Sara and Cody and their Frenchies. They are some of the most amazing people and you can tell they really love their 4 legged kids and love what they do. We immediately felt like a part of the family. When we found Theo (our now extremely spoiled frenchie child) we were welcomed in as if they had known us for years, and since Theo was our first ever Frenchie baby, Sara gave us everything we needed to know to help us through it. When we went to visit our pup for the first time we were taken aback by how amazing their home was, and they were in the middle of building a whole new kennel facility. We knew then that this was meant to be. To this day we cannot tell you how grateful we are for finding Sara and Cody and for everything they have done. We are so in love with our baby Theo and hope to one day have Sara and Cody help us add to our Frenchie family .
- Nicole & Brandon
One Of The Most Honest!
My girlfriend and I found ourselves wanting a third dog, a male to balance our pack of two Frenchie girls. Already being in love with the breed, we wanted another—A blue boy was our greatest desire. When looking for available puppies online, we ran into a lot of scams, ridiculously priced dogs, or dogs with dubious bloodlines. We found Sara Bird of Sarco's Chateau De Frenchies through Oregon Live and instantly fell in love with the litter she had for sale. Had we found our blue boy? Visiting her website, we found that Sara is a fantastic breeder with years of experience breeding Rottweilers and she had recently fallen in love with our preferred breed a few years previous. Her living in our home state of Oregon helped assuage our concerns of finding a dog online, as well as reading all the fantastic testimonials from her Rottie baby owners. We contacted her wanting the pure blue boy she had, which ended up already had a deposit on him. Our next choice in the litter was a beautiful blue-piebald boy with five circles—two over his eyes and ears, three down his back, he became our beloved little Domino—and were very pleased with the prompt and courteous responses from Sara Bird. All questions we had were immediately answered with a wealth of knowledge behind it. Waiting to pick up our new addition was torturous, but we made it through the 8 weeks with one visitation and tried our best not to bombard Sara with requests for pictures of our gorgeous pup. Well, we made it the 2 months until he was ready to come home. We found his temperament to be immensely loving and his desire to please high, and a very fast learner. He learned to sit and stay within the first few days in our family. We had such a perfect pup that, 5 months later, we returned to Sara Bird for our fourth pack member: our gorgeous little red sable Hazel, and had the exact same fantastic experience the second time around. Thank you Sarco’s Chateau De Frenchies’ Sara Bird for our lovely new family members, and the lovely experience we had through the purchasing process. Brian Keister, Sarah Calahan + Ursala, Olive, Domino, and Hazel
- Brian & Sarah
Thank You For Everything!
I would like to start by saying how thrilled I am with my french bulldog purchase from Unforgettable Frenchies. From the start to finish I felt comfortable and confident that I came to the right place. My little male is gorgeous and has so much potential. He has been showing in Canada & the US and doing quite well. His temperment, structure, socialization and health are all top notch. Sara & Cody's dogs live like royalty. Environment is clean, safe and most of all filled with so much love. Sara and Cody have so much knowledge and are willing to share. They definately know what they are looking for to breed for quality. It is very obvious they love what they do. Sara and Cody are wonderful people. When you come to Unforgettable Frenchies to purchase your french bulldog you won't be disappointed.
- Tammi
I will always come back to them!
Stella came to us from Sara and Cody Bird approx. one year ago. We are FOREVER sunk!! I’m a devoted Rottie girl, owning Rotts for 20 plus years. Rotts are my heart. Just like my first human baby…I didn’t think I could possibly have enough love in my heart for two! Ha! I guess I have an amazing heart! Stella swept our feet out from under us. She makes us laugh every single day…. she snores us to sleep every night! Stella steals every heart she meets. And boy does that girl have some serious jump! She is SO beyond awesomeness. My vet’s office tries to steal her on every visit…. My Rotts (that I also purchased from Sara) have not lost their place…..we’ve just added more fun and love for our furry family.
- Ronda
I didn't know much about buying a dog or who to go with. But when i talked to Sara over the phone and she answered all my questions (even the dumb ones) I knew she was the breeder for me! She is a hands on breeder during the whole process from when they are born to well after they go to the fur parents. She very much enjoys all the updates on how they and you are doing and continues to answer your questions. Sara is the most OUTSTANDING breeder and woman you will come across. I can not get her name out quick enough when it comes to people asking about breeders! If you dont believe me just have a conversation with her! You wont be disappointed! We have gotten 2 Rottweilers and a blue frenchie from her, that should tell you what type of breeder she is!
- Terri & Bryan
Reliable & Trusted Company
I cannot say enough nice things about Sara and Cody Bird! I had been wanting a french bulldog for a few years. I have known them for many years from the rottwieler world and decided to get a frenchie from them. I contacted them first with a few questions and then decided to get on their waiting list. They have always been great about responding to all of my questions. Sara even had Cody and friend bring her to Medford Oregon for easier pick up because I live in Nevada. The puppy was very healthy, socialized and loves all people, dogs & even cats! That she came well socialized is hugely important. Our vet came to check her 3 days after we picked her up... He was impressed not only with the health and condition of the pup, but also with how thorough the records and paperword was. He said he's seen a lot of breeders records and theirs was the best he's ever seen. He said they do a really nice job and that seeing that told him that they really know what they're doing. To me, his comments were another affirmation that I made the right decision to get a Unforgettable French Bulldog baby. I will definately get my male pup from them when I am ready for one.
- The Millers